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Real Estate – Baja California Sur, Mexico

Whether purchasing your dream home, looking to retire or invest in this beautiful city we offer a full range of real estate services throughout Baja California Sur, Mexico.
We have professional photographs of all of our properties and each home is in tip top condition.  Prices are based on location, view, size, furnishings and popularity, therefore the higher priced the property the higher quality.  That being said all of our homes are in safe neighborhoods and will allow you to enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

Vacation Rentals – La Paz, BCS, Mexico

We have over 30 Vacation Rental properties, exclusively managed by our team of expert property managers and realtors. We take professional quality photographs of all of our homes and include up to date information including pricing, maps, availability calendars and amenity lists on our website to help you find your next rental as easy as possible.

Once here in La Paz our property management team will look after all of your needs, from arranging cleaning services to island tours. Just give us a call and we will help.

A Bit About La Paz and Baja Sur

The City of La Paz and the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico is part of the world like no other.  You will see and experience the contrasting beauty between the dry desert landscape, with large mountains and plains, and the crystal clear blue waters of the Sea of Cortez on one side and the wild Pacific Ocean on the other.The waters are full of almost every species of sea creature, with more variety than any other place in the world.  The deserts are vast and open, filled with large ancient cactus, and also dotted with beautiful little oasis which can be identified from afar by their tall green Palm Trees.

There are different locations within the state that you can live in, and deciding on the best place may well take you a number of trips, to allow you to experience each different area.

Our personal favorite is La Paz, BCS, Mexico.  This is a medium sized city, of 250,000 people, located in the middle of the state on the Sea of Cortez.  This means it has calm, clear waters and a vibrant culture with residents from all walks of life, and different parts of the world.  Being a medium sized city means that you have access to hospitals, schools, universities, hundreds of restaurants, supermarkets, markets, cinemas and many many other amenities.   This makes living here easy, as you aren’t remote.

If you want something a little different:

For a sleepy town/village scene, you may be interested in El Centenario, La Ventana, Los Barriles, Pescadero or San Juanico.

For the Art Scene you will want to look at Todos Santos and San Jose Del Cabo.  These two towns have the most art galleries and cultural events of any town in Baja California Sur.

For an exciting resort city which makes you feel like you are right back at home then Cabo San Lucas will be the place for you.

Whichever town interests you the most, or if you aren’t sure, please get in touch and we can talk to you in detail about  the different areas of Baja California Sur and Mexico, we are always happy to help.