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Our Top 5 Things About La Paz – By Simon

March 10, 2013 in About La Paz, Blog

People who haven’t been to La Paz before often ask me, “What do you love most about La Paz?”.  I then reply that they will soon find out when they get here.

However, here are the real reasons I LOVE La Paz:

1. The Sunsets – They happen all over the world where ever you are, but oh boy they do not compare with the La Paz Sunsets.  The colours range from Greens, through Pinks, Reds and even Purples.  Most people dread clouds as it signifies rain in most of the world, but in La Paz a few of those thin and fluffy clouds really bring out the colours, and help to turn the Sunset into a true spectacular.

The pretty bit isn’t the sun dropping down behind the horizon, but it is the next hour or so of light shows that follow.  Even without an ocean view you can see some magnificent skies, but of course being in the front row makes it all the better.

2. The Beaches – We have so many wonderful beaches in La Paz, from the Malecon front beaches where people take part in yoga classes, volley ball tournaments and romantic nighttime strolls, all the way to the large sandy beaches which fill up on the weekends with families and friends enjoying the fantastic weather that we have all year round.

3. The Weather – On a similar latitude to Hawaii and The Bahamas it is no surprise that La Paz has beautiful weather all year round.  In the “winter” the days are sunny and warm with cool nights, making it a perfect retreat from the cold snow back at home.  In the summer it can be a little hot for winter birds, however as the air warms so does the water, bringing with it world class fishing, diving and other water sports.

The best part of it being the winds.  Being on the gulf side of the peninsula we have safe calm waters without the waves of the Pacific Ocean, making it the perfect place for those new to water sports as well as experts.

4. The Food – Whether you enjoy Mexican, Italian, French or Japanese food La Paz has it all.  With the freshest fish and vegetables, additive free ingredients and world class chefs we are blessed with numerous fantastic restaurants and all with a reasonable price.

5. The People – La Paz is Spanish for “The Peace”, and it isn’t just a description of the city and its surroundings, it is also a description of the people.  Everyone who visits La Paz is pleasantly surprised by the lack of Time Share salesmen, and the pleasant demeanor of the restaurant staff and locals a like.

If this isn’t enough to make you consider living in La Paz then at least make it enough to come and visit.  We know you will enjoy the change in pace to most tourist cities, and although we don’t have a hundred 5* hotels and Michelin Star restaurants, you will soon realize that these help make La Paz La Paz, rather than just another tourist destination.

See you soon.


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