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Travel Insurance

La Paz, Mexico Travel Insurance

We recommend that all guests have their own travel insurance policy for trips to La Paz and Mexico.  99% of the time everything runs smoothly and there are no problems at all, but that 1% may be the time that you trip and fall or the airline loses your bags enroute etc, and if something goes wrong we would all be much happier knowing that you are covered by a 3rd party policy and that way there are no headaches and last minute rushes during your time away from home.

A 1 week policy for a couple visiting La Paz from the USA costs less than $150US for the standard policy or just over $200US for the more adventurous types who are likely to be doing more water sports or sport fishing etc.  Prices vary depending on where you are travelling from, due to costs of health care from your originating country etc, so use the tool below to get an accurate quote and you can pay for your policy quickly and easily online.  We typically recommend including all days of travel in the policy rather than just the days you have booked the property, that way if something happens on your ride to the airport, or the transfer from your previous property etc you are still covered.

Why buy travel insurance from World

  1. Backed by specialist insurers and global assistance partners
  2. Buy Online, even if you’ve already left home
  3. Extend and claim online while travelling
  4. Covers a range of adventure sports and activities
  5. Give a little back and support a community development project